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We have opposed the concept and construction of the 3B
Tunnel from the time it was first proposed by Jim Soorley.

We're preparing a detailed statement to explain why we
continue to vigorously oppose the Tunnel, and why we urge
all motorists to boycott the Tunnel.

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INFORMATION ALERT CIty Bus Stops relocated from Monday 8 March

Bus stops 56 and 57 on Queen Street near Post Office
Square will be temporarily closed from Monday 8
March to Wednesday 30 June due to streetscape
construction works.
Stop 58 will be moved by up to 20m in the direction
of travel and services from this stop will also be affected.

For full details of bus services affected and a map of
the location of the new stops, go to


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These are shown on the page below described as 'Submissions to Translink' together with current status and replies if any.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Yet another reason why bus passengers need to avoid the SlowCard

There have been consistent and confirmed reports of Slowcard readers
not functioning properly - or at all - on Brisbane transport buses.
Almost every day we hear reports from bemused commuters of delays
in exiting from their bus after one or or both card readers are not working.
Now, we have become aware of a flaw in the system that has not been
The card readers are activated using GPS technology to indicate just where the
bus is located. This is because the SlowCard fares are calculated according to
the zone/s where the user boards and alights from the bus.
But the system means that the bus must be within about 8 metres from the actual
bus stop to allow the reader to receive the GPS signal.
When a bus stops at a stop that is shared by a number of buses, it must now wait
in line to approach within range of the signal at the stop. Only after the bus has
closed on the stop will the card reader activate and allow the the SlowCard users
to touch off and leave the bus.
Recently, we have witnessed buses waiting in line for 2-3 minutes to approach the
designated stops in the CBD for this reason.
Paper ticket holders were able to exit the buses without any delay.
One driver was witnessed to drive his bus on to the next available stop 80 metres
further up the street, after ensuring that there were no passengers wanting to board
at the normal stop, to enable the card reader to operate and the Card users touch
off and leave the bus.
The card users were not happy about the delay, and why would they be? 
We've been told by the Transport Minister that the SlowCard system is technologically
brilliant, efficient, user-friendly, quick and cheap.
It is none of these. And public transport users are being told propaganda and spin
by a small army of young mercenaries who do not understand what they're saying
or how the system really works. And they're being paid out of the Transport budget
that is supported by passengers' fares.
We have now had four successive Transport Ministers who have not known what
they're doing, and have allowed the transport system in Brisbane to deteriorate and
Enough is enough. We say that it's time for Minister Nolan to resign or be sacked.
And the board of Translink and its CEO should follow her into oblivion.

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