COMING SHORTLY - CAST Statement on the 3 Billion Tunnel

We have opposed the concept and construction of the 3B
Tunnel from the time it was first proposed by Jim Soorley.

We're preparing a detailed statement to explain why we
continue to vigorously oppose the Tunnel, and why we urge
all motorists to boycott the Tunnel.

Keep checking this site for our full statement.

INFORMATION ALERT CIty Bus Stops relocated from Monday 8 March

Bus stops 56 and 57 on Queen Street near Post Office
Square will be temporarily closed from Monday 8
March to Wednesday 30 June due to streetscape
construction works.
Stop 58 will be moved by up to 20m in the direction
of travel and services from this stop will also be affected.

For full details of bus services affected and a map of
the location of the new stops, go to


We are continuing to make submissions on behalf of public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians to Translink, service providers and Government.

These are shown on the page below described as 'Submissions to Translink' together with current status and replies if any.

If you are aware of a transport service or systemic fault that needs to be rectified or improved, contact us and we'll follow up the issue with the relevant authority on your behalf.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Far North Queensland Strategic Plan

Cairns Action for Sustainable Transport have made a substantial public submission on the draft Far North Queensland Strategic Plan and it is available for download here. The submission identifies the disconnection between the State Government's stated aims of achieving "sustainable transport" and their actual policies. It makes recommendations on adopting greenhouse reduction and mode share targets and also discusses the public transport needs of Far North Queensland.


Anonymous said...

If this is a community group, about community issues, then shouldn't you have a forum in which the community can discuss these issues? All you have here is a blog for posting the organisations own opinions and news.

If you are grass-roots group of residents (and activists!), then why are all of you committed to one agenda? Why aren't there differing viewpoints instead?

And why is it an agenda which is being adopted everywhere else in the world? Did it come from the SE Qld or not?

Why is there a group with the same name and agenda in Cairns as the SEQ grass-roots group?

The same agenda is being adopted by our governments, so what is the purpose of your group? You are lobbying for an agenda our governments have already adopted, and which our mass-media promotes.

Is the purpose of your group really just to make us think it is our idea, and for our benefit? Either that, or "residents" everywhere all had the same idea at the same time.

Who are we? said...

We do have forums and meetings.

Of course we're committed to the sustainable transport agenda.

Our members are involved directly in policy making.

You are wrong that our agenda has already been adopted by government.

This is untrue on the local, state and federal level.