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We have opposed the concept and construction of the 3B
Tunnel from the time it was first proposed by Jim Soorley.

We're preparing a detailed statement to explain why we
continue to vigorously oppose the Tunnel, and why we urge
all motorists to boycott the Tunnel.

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INFORMATION ALERT CIty Bus Stops relocated from Monday 8 March

Bus stops 56 and 57 on Queen Street near Post Office
Square will be temporarily closed from Monday 8
March to Wednesday 30 June due to streetscape
construction works.
Stop 58 will be moved by up to 20m in the direction
of travel and services from this stop will also be affected.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Media Release 15 Jan

Beattie allows toxic waste in Brisbane

Community Action for Sustainable Transport (CAST) believe Peter Beattie’s opposition to nuclear power is in conflict with his support for toxic transport projects in Brisbane .

The Premier has stated that he is opposed to nuclear power because he does not want toxic waste in Queensland communities.

Yet he continues to support transport projects, such as the North-South Bypass Tunnel, Airport Link tunnel and Hale Street Bridge , which will lead to huge increases in toxic vehicle emissions in Brisbane suburbs.

Not only will toxic waste be pumped from industrial chimney stacks to ventilate the tunnels, but there will be more fumes coming from the entire transport network as the government fails to take measures to implement alternatives to increased car use.

CAST calls on the Premier to stop the hypocrisy by withdrawing his government’s support for toxic transport projects.

The money should be poured into environmentally friendly solutions such as more reliable and frequent train services, new train lines and a better bicycle network for Brisbane .

Media contact: Tristan Peach 0416478615

1 comment:

Jason Ride said...

Not just new train lines, but also fixing the stupid ones we have! We need to change to a wider gauge, which can be done by adding one extra rail across the network, so both the old and new trains can use it until appropriate trains replace the current ones. Until we do that, train services can never be as fast as we would like.